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With a NET income of $45000 pesos you must plan to pay $15,000 in rent and must add , electrical , gas, water, and Cable plus internet that takes you to about $20,000. Mobile plus transport add $1000 minimum. Plus ·200 pesos per day for food for 2 brings you total to $27.000 . Some medical toiletries and pharmacy brings yo to $30,000. You are left with 500 pesos a day for al incidental expenses ... dinning out once a week takes care of $4000 pesos . clothing, Little left for fun....[/QUOTE

What I was trying to say but more detailed. And 200 on food that is $5 a day. I could not eat well on that. No Asado for you!

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It's a Budget for Vegans....:rolleyes: or you can buy half a kilo of minced meat for meat balls;) No filet mignon for this budget...:cool:

$200 PESOS is OK in BA $5 dollars is not Ok in the USA...:D


Hi all!

Been traveling and job prepping, but wanted to stop in and say thank you for all of your responses.

While I will be moving out and the family situation is complicated I wanted to clear up a few points - my partner is 31 and a full-prof at UBA. His parents were never this overbearing before he moved to England (for work), but now they want to live with us! In fact, they do live with us half the time. There are some extenuating circumstances that I'm doing my best to understand, and am removing myself from the situation to give him a year to sort it all out. It's a bit much, and my partner has made it clear that he does not want to set boundaries, even in the future (visiting for two days a week at the house, and he goes to visit them in the city). Is this normal here? Any other cross-cultural relationships in the forum? How did you balance?

Also, I'm a woman! My name appears to be very masculine here. :D

I'll be living off my own salary, but have a reasonable savings in US dollars that will be a safe buffer for a year of living in the city. Currently apartment hunting through AirBnB.

@Idois Thank you for your tax advice! I'll be sure to not be a lazy post-grad and get that done.


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The boundary thing in Argentina is tough! Very different than other places like the US. I think it’s grear you are taking some time on your own to figure it out. If your partner isn’t wanting to set any boundaries and his parents are pushing to live with you, I for one would listen to those warning signs.