newcomer says hello & how about going fishing!


Aug 21, 2009
Hi everyone

I´ve been lurking for a week or two. I´m an English Teacher here in Buenos Aires. I would be interested in meeting up with other teachers to swap ideas and whatever.

I´m also thinking of "organising" a weekend camping/fishing trip to Lobos, about 100km out of the city. Actually, my plan to organise this is a bit laughable as I know absolutely nothing about Fishing. But I do know that Lobos is easy and cheap to get to by train, has at least one camp site, and that you can fish. I would like to get a small group together for this. Interested? Anyone out there who actually knows one end of a fishing rod from another? Anyone know which species of fish Idiots should be angling for at this time of year? I say this because I believe teh Perjerrey is a bit difficult to catch...

I just moved here about a week ago and trying to come up with a plan on making some money - maybe I can help you with the fishing trip (I love fly fishing and know a fair bit but don't kick me to the curb if we don't rake in tons) - in exchange maybe you could help me with getting in on teaching english or doing tour guiding?

How long have you been here for?

my email is [email protected]

-Lizzy Muzzy
Lobos is a great lake to fish, specially, pejerrey, and the timing is perfect, not too cold.

Pejerrey is a GREAT fish, very tricky to catch, but enjoyable. (if you like fishing and don't mind hours on a little boat waiting for them to get the bait-routine that I enjoy)

Pejerrey's rods are very special. They are what we call "telescopic", like 4 sections (12 to 15 feet long, extended)
You'll need a spinning reel, and the appropriate bait, like live mojarras (little fresh water fish sold near the fishing spots). They give you a plastic bag with, maybe, 40 of them. The bag is filled out with water and oxygen to last the fishing day. For what we call "lineas", there's 2 options and infinite variations.

You could fish " a flote" with a Paternoster or a line with 3 to 5 buoys? (boyas) or deep fishing.

For "pesca a flote" you'll need to adjust the depth of your hooks permanently until you find the sweet spot.

And, a piece of advice, it could get cold in the middle of the lake. (not Lake Michigan cold, don't worry)
hey seeker!
hows it going?
would be cool to meet up - im an english teacher too.
dont really know anything about fishing, but if you wanna meet for a drink im round most days / weekends.
take it easy.
@Pascal--yup, I should be up for a beer. Give me a week or two though.

@ you seem to know a lot about fishing. And I'm grateful for your detailed reply...but don't you think that he perjerrey is a bit, well, "involved" for a novice? Do you know anything about the availability of less ambitious (read easier-to-catch-with-really-basic-equipment) type fish? Sorry to give you the third degree.

@lizzy..not sure if I can help you with tourguiding...I can tell you a bit about English teaching though. Good luck with your enterprises btw...I will email you soon, no doubt asking you fishing stuff, like which end of a rod do you hit the fish :eek:with etc.