May 19, 2008
yes I'm one of those newcomers that´s encouraged to write something about themselves..well i'm Irish, so not sure about that comment from Napoleon (is that a reference, by the way, to your physical stature, by any chance!?)
Anyway, will be in BA for only 7 weeks, learning a bit more of the tango. So if anyone out there is interested in going out to a milonga any night of the week let me know!
The other question that i have is, does anyone know what the story is with medical care here. Ive been traveling for over 9 months and I thought that it is a good time to see a doctor. Some locals told me that i should just go to a hospital, even for a check-up. If any one has any ideas or suggestions, or knowledge of costs involved i would be very grateful.
Regarding meeting for drinks, i would be interested in that too!
Thanks, Sibhster
my argentinian friend gave me these for checkups, Aleman is a german hospital and they speak english if that helps

1) Hospital Aleman: Av. Pueyrredon 1640 Tel: 4-827-7000

2) Sanatorio de la Trinidad: Cerviño y Juan B. Justo TEL: 4-127- 5500/555 or 0-810-777-583

3) Instituto Argentino del Diagnostico: Marcelo T. de Alvear 2-346-2400 TEL: 4-963-9500

4) Sanatorio Mater Dei: San Martin de Tours 2952 TEL: 4-809-5555

cannot tango but looking to take up salsa classes next week, if you fancy a drink, call me on 1162555082