Hi all,
I am an Argentine newcomer. I lived in the US for a few years until not so long ago. During my stay there, I met a lot of people that helped me adjust, so I would like to give a hand to anyone in need of learning anything about Argentina. Also, my English teacher is about to leave the country in a few weeks so in the near future I might need a replacement. I am an attorney, so you can post all of your questions regarding legal matters. I will be very happy to pay back all the people that did favors to me while I was in the US.
Hope you have a great time here.


Hi Matt,
So is this welcome home for you? Why don't you join us on saturday night for some drinks? We are going to Deep Blue on Reconquistat 920. There are quite a few people coming. Send me an email if you'd like to join us!


Hi Matt,Well, I am not from the USA, but from Holland... I am an English teacher here in BsAs, so maybe I can help you with the English. Furthermore I have some questions about living here, like getting an apartment without a garantia or getting a garantia and getting a work permit. Maybe you can tell me something about these things... My email is
Gracias! Chau!