Sep 2, 2009
Hello All!

I'm Aida and I just recently moved (about 3 days ago!) from the United States to Buenos Aires to live/volunteer for the next 6 months with my boyfriend who will be teaching English. We are still getting acclimated to the city and the Palermo neighborhood that we will be calling home and adjusting to the climate since we flew out of very sunny Florida! I am hoping to become more fluent in Spanish and broaden my experience working with children as I have just completed my degree to work as a counselor with youth. I am looking to meet new people and make friends and just enjoy the city as most affordably possible. Any tips/suggestions/advice are greatly appreciated.

Welcome, Aida. You'll find many, many unmarried semi-couples who've come down here for a short while (a year or two, often much less time); lots are young Americans, of course. Just start reading!
Hey Aida-

You found the right place to help you over the next 6 months with any questions you may have.

Making friends/improving your Spanish: The program Spanglish is good for that. You'll meet Argentines that want to improve their English and that are willing to help you improve your Spanish. It's a good reoccurring event.

Cheap Living: Here's an article I read on my other favorite BA site, it should hopefully help with some general tips on living frugally here:

Volunteering: I'm not sure of you have chosen a place or not, but Voluntarios sin fronteras is a good organization. I've worked with them off and on during my visit here. Check them out, very hands on stuff in villa 31:

Good luck! You know where to come for advice!
I'd also suggest to find people to practice with.
Thank you for all of the suggestions. I am already set up for a volunteer site and will definitely check out the suggested blogs/sites.