Night out?


Mar 4, 2008
Hi, Do you meet up regulary? When and Where? Would love to meet some people here. Have just arrived from Australia and want to find out what to do and where to go. Im 29 and am here until june.
Hey ele,
That's about how long I'm gonna be here too. I just sent Blake and e-mail, since he replied to my similar request. If you want, e-mail me at [email protected] and I'll cc you on all the plans. What part of town you staying in?
I am staying in Acassuso but can easily catch train closer to central, like palermo. Thats great ill email you. Thankyou!!!
Hola! I just arrived in Bs As too! I'm currently staying in the Caballito area and then will be in Palermo area next week. I'm back and forth between those areas but can meet up wherever for the next couple of weeks. Please let me now when you guys are meeting up - I'd love to join you!=) Belinda
Hi Ele, I´m your neighbor here in Martinez next to Acassuso!!
Why don´t we host other ex-pats out here in the suburbs on Sat, Sun or Mon afternoon, so they can take in the beautiful views around the coastline before the summer ends?! We could meet at a train station and walk and bike down to the river.
In the meantime, what are the current plans, anybody? Anything going on tonite Fri??
Please let me know at [email protected]
Hey guys, im Dave, from Ireland, im livin in BsAs until Jan 09! So would be good to get out and meet a few people while im here...
Im livin in 25 de Mayo, not far from all the pubs in Reconquista! If anyone fancies a beer some night give me a shout... [email protected]
Hi all, I've been staying in Buenos Aires for about a month now. I'm moving in with a friend in Palermo on monday. Please keep me posted on any plans you have or let me know if you'd like to meet up for a drink as I'm always keen to meet friendly folk.