No streaming videos from the US?


Nov 25, 2007
Has anyone ever been able to find out why one cannot view streaming videos from most US web sites? Including movie sites like Hulu and Netflix. Can't even watch the short clips of scenes from any major network programs -- Sat. Night Live, Letterman, etc. When one tries to open any of these streaming videos or movies, a message appears stating that it is not available in your area or service provider. If that's the way it is, then that's the way it is, but does anyone happen to know why? Is it everywhere outside the US, only Argentina ... ?
Thanks for posting my blog link! Was going to do the same.

Unfortunately, it all has to do with licensing...but there are solutions.
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I looked at the techcrunch article and it mentioned only MS PCs; I use a Mac. But I do get the idea that disguising my location is the only way around it. What I still don't understand is why is this necessary in the first place? What difference could it make to the owners of something like "Lost" whether or not viewers outside the US watch it from the Internet, since it is not available to them from a TV anyway ... not the current season. Overseas you only get programs that are one, two, or even three plus seasons old.

There is always the wiser choice: Just stop watching all this garbage on TV. Isn't that why one of the various gods around invented books?
It's exactly because they are a season behind outside the US that they don't want you to watch it on the internet. Currently they sell the previous seasons to other countries. If it's available over the internet they won't be able to sell the next season.

Anyway, they are fighting a losing battle.