NY Mets & Giants


Feb 20, 2007
So I know this is a bit of a shot in the dark, but I figure if anyone knows, it would be someone on this blog. Are there any New York Mets or NY Giants sports bars in Buenos Aires? If that's way too specific, which bars show American baseball and footbal... I am living in Palermo near Las Heras park, if there are any close to the area. Thanks! -Bryan
Your best bet is to download TVU Player. Getting all NY sports will not be a problem. There is a bar called Shoeless Joe's Alamo, but........Watching the games at home is probably more enjoyable than going there. On the other hand, if you want drunk gold digging girls, go to the Alamo.
PS Download the beta 23 version of TVU.
Thanks for the help! I assume that's only through the computer/internet, correct? I mean -- if I want to watch the games on a tv, it seems i'm left w/ this bar, correct?
El Alamo is as much a restaurant as a bar on the 1100 block of Uruguay. Yes options for watching your favorite US baseball teams are limited to this establishment. The bartenders are accommodating. Just ask if you want to see a game. The bit about gold digging females ?-?--not my experience at all.