OK no jobs what next ???

Neil Logan

Dec 19, 2008
Ok Kids love u all.

Ive gotta return to UK on 11 feb im Fubared no job no prospets

help in any way
What part of the UK are you heading for?
Few companies are taking on in the present climate, but there is still work about, let me know where you are heading and if I can I will make enquiries for you.
Glasgow first I suppose
dont think I will have any problems getting a job in UK
I hoped I could work and survive here as I do like the culture.
Get a job doing one of those "any questions anwered" mobile services. They pay around 7 quid an hour and all you need is a UK address and bank account. Not a job to have chiselled on your gravestone, but will pay the bills amply, and keep you in clover here.

There's lots of jobs you can do remotely here, providing you have an address and bank account in the UK you can use.