Open Mic Night lives on Tuesday at Gitano


Nov 24, 2009
This open mic night is bringing in more and more quality musicians, and some people are even finding gigs b/c they come out. Get in on it!

Será de Dios, TUESDAY at 10PM
Mexico 355, esq. Defensa

We have a very laid-back, warm and welcoming environment so there's no need to be shy. Plan on doing 3 songs or 15 minutes, but we keep it pretty informal and sometimes people go a little longer. As I said in my previous post, I'm trying to develop a community of musicians that support each other. Please bring your instrument.

See you out there,


Disclaimer - Please bring your own guitar or instrument. Unfortunately I'm not talented enough (yet!) to pick up any old song on the fly, so we can't do it karaoke style :)
Hi Bron, this sounds like fun. My friend and I are trying to start a band, so maybe after we get a couple songs written we will stop by.

What is the crowd like? Are the performers expats, locals, or a mix of both?
Hey there--you should come check it out. The crowd really varies, depending on the night but it's usually a good mix of people I know and just people who are drawn in off the street. Last week at one point there were about 40 people there. The performers are about half and half locals to foreigners. -Bronson