Open Mic Night Tuesday 12/29


How's it going everyone?

I have a regular gig at Será de Dios Bar in San Telmo but I have decided to open it up for a night to anyone who wants to come in and play a few songs. Back in Philly we always had open mics on Monday or Tuesday nights and it helped us form a cohesive, supportive community of musicians.

I'm going to play throughout the night, but anyone is welcome to come sign up and play a 15-minute set (about 3 songs). The night starts around 10pm and will probably go until about 1AM depending on how many people show up. Please spread the word...tomorrow night will have a welcoming, positive vibe and I want everyone to feel comfortable. I will provide a mic, mic stands, guitar cables, a mic cable...and even stellar backup singing ;) Bring your own guitar or instrument. We might also have a house bassist.

Será de Dios, on Mexico between Defensa and Balcarce. (I take the 152 bus to get there from Recoleta or the 29 from Abasto.)

Hope to see you out there. If this goes well we may continue it to next Tuesday !