Operations Manager Wanting to go Home!


Hello All - pleasure to have found such a great site. I am an Argentine who grew up all over the world, went to college in the US (Georgia Tech), worked in strategic consulting (Ernst & Young) and Consumer Products Operations (Coca-Cola and Victoria's Secret). I married my Argentine childhood sweetheart in 2005 and would like to move back to Buenos Aires at least for a couple of years. I am looking for opportunities where I can leverage my skillset (consulting, operations, management) but also experience something new and maintain a decent standard of living. If anyone can think of any opportunities, either large corporations or consulting or entrepreneurial ideas, please get in touch with me. We just gave birth to our first son and would love to spend some time back home having him grow up with his 14 cousins.

I believe in hard work and liberty.

Thanks to all,



The internet connection in BA is fast and stable. Maybe you could get a gig working from home? Earn dollars and live on Pesos is a good recipe these days. Suerte!