Options for New Year's eve


Oct 22, 2006
I would appreciate some suggestions for New Year's eve. Can anyone recommend a restaurant that offers a New Year's eve package?
Dear canuck9970, I suggest you contact the American Club. It is a superb place. You can contact Tom Evans at [email protected] . Tom is a member and former President. Needless to say, you can mention my name. Cheers, Ernie Reid
Hi all! I'm in California, but my best friend is in BA, spending three or four months there writing a book. He doesn't know anybody, and it seems like he's spending all his time by himself, so I'm trying to be proactive and find things for him to do! His name is Ed, he's a smart, nice, good-looking guy, so if anyone has any good events or new years plans and they don't mind some extra company, let me know and I'll forward it to him. I e-mailed him about the end of year party last friday, but he didn't get my message until the day after and he was kind of bummed! Thanks! [email protected]
Dear All, I have spoken with Mr. Tom Evans from the American Club, and told him that someone from this group MIGHT be contacting him.
Calboy, this is just not right. How can we leave a visitor to his own devices on New Year's Eve?. Please tell us more about him. How old is he? Would he rather spend New Year's Eve with fellow Americans or do you reckon he would have a good time with locals around too? I am sure something can be arranged!
Hey Ernie, thanks for your reply! My friend Ed is 35, and an economist. Part of his reason for staying in BA is to learn Spanish, so he's eager to meet and hang out with locals to practice. He doesn't know I'm putting these messages on here, because he tends to be a little shy about meeting new people, but he loves to go out and socialize once he does. He spent the last 12 years living in NY. If you guys do have any New Year's Eve options, I'll run them by him. I'm pretty sure he'd be eager to join in... Thanks a ton!
Hey Calboy!
Thanks for the info. I am making some enquiries for you. Please feel free to have Ed call Tom Evans from the American Club at his Office nbr. (Lift Van): 4741-7447. He knows more American expats than I ever will!. He can mention my name. On the other hand, I am trying to find out if the is a New Year's Eve party at "John-John". This is a pub located in the northern suburbs. A friend of mine has a rock band called "Bluesberry Jam". They usually play there. Would you believe, the lead singer is English, while the guitar player is an American former Banker. Would Ed enjoy something like this?
Anyway, we are working on it!
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