Aug 29, 2006
We have not heard from DonQ since he last posted. I wonder how his stay is coming along; I hope no more of those taxi untoward incident.
It would be a good read what he has to say. He was planning this trip for awhile and he was diligently asking questions and requesting updates.Most of all I would like to know if all that preparation was as necessary compared to if came and just was winging it...DonQ if you are out there... at least tell us that you are OK.
he's probably shacked up with some nice waif thin chica in belgrano, feasting on fillet , lopez and love!
WynnsWood, you said it to auntiapple and say it nicely - Keep it rated "G" or "R" the very careful. . I think my double entendre did not quite go well as planned.
Gacias todos.
I appreciate somone thinking about me. I thought I would lay low because I sometimes speak my mind and can piss people off.
I'm enjoying myself here in BsAs. I have made friends with some of the locals and they are helpful with my broken Spanish.
I think my stay here will be an adventure if I view the country and culture with curiosity.
I have a great tutor named Tomas. I am of Mexican heritage, 5th generation. Por eso no hablo muy buien. After I retired I studied Spanish for two year at the local communiy college. I graduated with a BSEE (ages ago) and phyics was not as difficult for me as is Spanish. I guess the part of my brain that controls language is not highly developed. I am determined to learn to speak the language.
Auntiapple: I wish
Grcias a la vida que me ha dado tanto.
Windmill!....................DonQuixote! rofl!......................DUH!!!!
OK OK it took a while but it got there..........................give me a break guys im a blonde........................shit lizzie must be blonde ........too"
No...actually not blond. Hate to admit it but I had to look it up...but I get it now!
Hi Grazie, years and years ago when I was 20 years old and in the U.S army stationed in France. I found myself in Fountainblue, France after 10:pM. the streets were rolled up and not a taxi in sight and no way to get back to camp. The night was raining and cold. I spent the whole night in doorwell shivering my young butt off.
You asked if all that preperation was as necessary compared to if I came and just was winging it. You bet, no unpleasent surprises. In a country where a taxi driver will drop you off in some unknown place. I'm not sleeping in a doorwell ever again.