Patricia Bulrich: Give Falklands to Pfizer

Totally blown out of proportion. Anyway might have been a good negotiation giving away something that’s not yours to begin with.
[QUOTE="Ceviche, post: 405151, member: 8Sorry, Malvinas is ours now, and will remain ours for this Century, at least.[/QUOTE]We'll see about that. But WFT is COVID-Patty doing posturing about this?

And no, it's not yours, it was at most a bloody sheep farm before your nutcase prime minister got involved
If you had ever visited the place you would understand what Borges meant by two bald men fighting over a comb.
Wasn't it a joke? is she not saying that if you claim the islands are yours you have the right to give them away? The joke is that they aren't Argentina's?
Perhaps the joke is that Argentina would have more use/ benefit for them by using them as collateral for vaccine financing instead of just using them for empty propaganda. The irony is that if Argentina didn't pay Pfizer and they called in this collateral, nothing would actually change as Argentina do not have any control over them or any real hope of getting control over them. Humo.