pay as you go mobile

does anyone know of a store to buy a pay as you go cell phone.
sorry to ask a possilby simple question, but I pay for them inute on th einterent and font want to search, its not just laziness.


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There are several companies that offer pay as you go cell phone plans. The biggest names are Movistar, Personal, and Claro. I have a Movistar phone that I bought a year ago and it still works great. Just walk along any major street in BA and you're sure to find a place, but if you want a specific location, I know that there's a huge Movistar store near Florida y Corrientes (possibly on Maipu) in el centro. Or just ask anyone in a locutorio, or kiosko for the nearest place. You buy a phone, have them activate it, and after that you buy cards (at any kiosko) to recharge your account. Remember that text messages are way cheaper than calling. Hope this helps.