Paying Cash Deposits on Apartments


Jul 13, 2005
Hey -- I'm coming down to BsAs for 6 months at the beginning of October. I've been looking around and need to find an apartment with high speed internet. For peace of mind I've decided that I will go with a tourist apartment for the first 6 weeks or so, just so that I don't have to deal with the headaches of setting up my internet etc right off the bat, and so I can get myself a bit more oriented in the city.

The thing is, these places cost about $500US a month and up (basically sky's the limit). And since I will be doing a "long term" stay, a lot require a full month's rent for deposit, and then first month's rent right off the bat.

So what I'm wondering is, am I just supposed to arrive in BA with a few grand American in my wallet? I won't be setting up a bank account so I'm just wondering how to get around all this -- I know the Argentines don't trust the banks, and I don't blame them, but what's the solution? Should I just withdraw pesos off my bank acct when I get there and convert them? Can you do money orders? (One thing it seems I will miss about home is the ease of paypal...)

Thanks for the advice!
You can just withdraw the money from an ATM when you need it, though you may need to go a few times in a row depending on yours and the bank's limit. While they might quote you a rate in dollars for an apt deposit, you can easily pay in definitely don't have to come with your pockets full of money!