PCR testing prior to travel from EZE?


heard from doctors and members of the public (residents), that recent procedures in hospitals is if you present with possible symptoms, you are treated as having coronavirus, told to isolate and there is no PCR test given, and most likely this "positive" case does not get registered in the daily statistics. if you want to be sure of getting a PCR test you need to go private....especially with no symptoms

you might get a test in the container parks - like the one near pilar....which normally have plenty of cars queueing.


Could you please give me more info on Brazil. I may have a changeover in Brazil, probably GRU too, and need to know everything. They ask only test right, no cuarantene as Chile?
For the airport test they have it for departure/arrival? Lines are long? How much it costs? How can one pay? Do you need local reals to pay( I don't have and not sure should I buy)?
You can pay by credit or debit card.
its on one floor below the departure or one floor above the arrival in terminal 3.
the lines are short as they have multiplied the staff 10 fold since they started.
it costs 350 reals or 62 usd.
no need of quarantine in brazil but if you get positive at airport pcr, they will not allow you to board a flight for 14 days.