Perjury as Part of Real Estate Purchase Process


Corporations pay 35% capital gains tax when the property is sold. individuals don't. Whichever way you look at doing it, you'll come up against quite a few hassles. It's not actually difficult to buy property here it's just that it can be a hassle and somewhat time-consuming, especially when most people (argentines and foreigners alike) don't understand the process. and part of the problem is something i've noticed in every south american country i've visited: No one will ever tell you "I'm sorry, i don't know." It appears that south americans have to tell you something, whether it's the truth or completely made up. It can be quite funny at times. [Try it sometime with directions to somewhere you know: ask a random sample of locals and see how many time you get sent in the opposite direction... :) ] This means it can take a long time before you're sure you have all the right info and you're sure about what you're doing.