Pet Adoption


Jun 18, 2005
I want to thank everyone who tried to help me find a home for the 2 puppies i found. the vet said they were as young as 35 days. I went to the province yesterday and was told by the neighborhood kids who played with them that someone adopted them recently. They didnt give me any details and i couldnt see the pups, but i hope it was a happy ending.
I hope to spread the word about the SOS Pulguitas website (mentioned below by Sivan). I called called the phone mentioned on the site and spoke with Valeria (6343-1816). If you go to the site and click on adoptions, you will see photos of the adult dogs who need adoption and a description. she explained that they didnt post photos of puppies.
she told me for 30 pesos one of the volunteers in their network would take the puppy until it was adopted. they dont have a refuge center, but volunteers take them into their homes. So maybe this is something some expats in this group would like to do?
It would be helpful to spread the word about this website to your argentine friends and lets hope for an increased acceptance here in the culture of adoption.
On a side note, one member from this group and myself sent out photos of the cute puppies and I think we both had the same experience. Argentines wanted nothing at all to do with the puppies because they were mixed race. It seemed to be a very common reaction. I dont think back home in the usa i would have had the same widespread reaction. So, something I learned about the culture here.
hi, my boyfriend and i found a puppy and we posted the info on this website and it had a home within 2 days. hope this helps! there are far to many stray dogs in this country. it makes me super sad!!!!!
i updated my comments above about the pups. Lets spread the word about this website and the work the group of volunteers do to promote pet adoption.
Theres a program on Channel 2 (the america channel) Sunday afternoons at 3:30. Heres the website for it.....
People sit in a small studio with pets that they have found. I think its been on for several years, but i never really watched the whole show before this week. Each pet has a number. I believe they are trying to unite the pet with its original owner or have someone adopt it. One person brought in a cute dog that was found wandering around the city. blind and deaf with a tongue hanging out. Even if your Spanish isnt that good, i recommend the program and if anyone would like a pet, its a good way to adopt one.
I recently found out about this animal shelter near where i live that needs all the help it can get. I asked how i could help out and they suggested that I come by and take some of the dogs for walks.
I dont know the whole story behind its dire straits, but if you can read Spanish, I think this article fills you in,
If anyone is interested in adopting a pet that has all of its shots or if anyone wants to volunteer, the shelter is called MAPA. The address is Avenida San Juan 3345. Its directly across from Carrefour in Boedo and a couple of blocks from the Boedo station of the E subway line. For those of you in San Telmo, its a short ride away.
There are a few older dogs, over 10 years old, that are really special cases. One is a deaf as a piece of wood. he doesnt hear a thing, other than that he seems content. I think im going to adopt one of them, but want to continue volunteering so i can help them all.
I stopped by the animal shelter today where i walk the dogs and was told that they have 10 days to move. They dont have a place to move to. Its quite a crisis.
They used to be funded by the city but some time ago, that funding was cut and since then they have been run by a group of people trying to hold the shelter together.
The shelter is called MAPA (Movimiento argentino de proteccion al animal) and is located in the downtown neighborhood of Boedo.
Its the only animal shelter that i know of in the city. I cant think of any other place where someone can bring an injured animal that they find in the street etc.
Quite a few dogs live there and the workers do a pretty good job. ive witnessed many neighbors bringing donations of food, blankets, etc. and there are other people who stop by and walk the dogs as well. the animals are taken care of, fed, etc.
Some of the animals are very adoptable, however, some will never be adopted. MAPA is their only home. Some dogs are old, some are nearly blind, one has a bleeding tumor on its nose and i cant imagine anyone ever adopting it.
This is a crisis. Does anyone have any contacts in the media? Does anyone have any contacts with animal aid organization abroad who can step in and help out. Does anyone have any contacts with the citys legislators?
Something needs to be done and quickly. I cant believe that this would be allowed to happen if people who lived here knew what was happening. To many of the animals there, MAPA is their home.
Does anyone have any ideas how to help? MAPAs phone number is 4956-2463. They are located at 3345 Ave. San Juan directly across from the Carrefour.
Lets send some emails, get on the phone, and find a solution. The workers there gave me a flyer today they hastely put together. ill type some of it below to give a clearer idea of the situation.
"A pesar de todos los pedidos publicos y privados y de nuestro esfuerzo como trabajado ras por rescatar la institucion, que alberga en este momento, mas de 30 animales de la calle sin dueno, que han llegado accidentados, enfermos o abandonados, necesitados de atenion veterinaria permanente.......
necesitamos en forma urgente un espacio fisico para trasladar la protectora con nuestros animales y los que poedriamos recibir si tuvieramos donde alojarlos. nos arreglamos con poco, un predio, galpon, garage o alguna casa a refaccionar."
This is horrifying. I only regret that I'm thousands of miles away and cannot help directly.
A porteña friend who volunteers at the Sarmiento shelter (a few blocks south of the Congreso) -- by walking some of the dogs and by doing a great deal more besides -- told me that there are probably not even a dozen shelters for dogs and cats in the entire C.F.: far too few, and none of them large, each dependent upon the kindness of the citizenry for donations of time and money. Would that popular attitudes could be changed!