Piano/keyboard for sale - Yamaha P125B with stand and speakers.


Bought this during the quarantine in June 2020.

I'm going to fly soonish and don't want to take it, so I'd like to find it a good home!

Mint condition, like new, played gently.
Have box, book, receipt from Mercado Libre.

About the stand:
With the black wood stand, it looks amazing, much more stable and aesthetics than those folding keyboard stands.

About the speakers:
They weren't necessary because the built in speakers are nice. But with these monitors set down next to the stand, it really gives a great full sound. Bonus is you can plug them into a phone to have a great playback of tunes with nice left and right channel separation.

Flexible, I'm looking for a reasonable offer. You can see the price on these Mercado Libre links for each item (below).
Might be willing to take a partial trade if it's the right item and something that can fit in luggage.
Perhaps even an electric guitar since I've carried them on airplanes. I'd be interested in something like a fender strat or tele in good condition.
Flexable on method of payment. Western Union, Mercado Pago, maybe cash, bank transfer.

Thanks for looking! If you know anyone that likes/is looking for piano let them know!
It's also a great player piano- it has some hundred built in songs you can choose from or let them all play through.


Model number is P125 not P125b
And mine is black, not white.

Here it is on Amazon, sold out like in many places (I guess many had the same idea during pandemic to play piano)

No takers yet, so I'll just throw out a price.. I'd accept $375 for everything currently. Paid around 150,000 pesos for everything, so even considering a good dollar exchange rate, I am asking less than half of what I paid 6 months ago. Plus it's hard to find in stock. Seriously good price on an extremely fine instrument which will probably last for 10+ years. Great weighted keys and sound.

If anyone is seriously interested, I can demo it for you on Whatsapp video, and if you like it we can meet in my apartment lobby for the sale.
Still would consider a trade of something smaller. Like a synthesizer, midi keyboard, electric guitar.