Pimm's in Buenos Aires? Help!


I know it's out of season, but I need a bottle by next Saturday regardless.

I cannot find it here. Not a market that sells it by the bottle, neither a bar/pub/restaurant that sells it by the cup. The one big market the British Embassy told me might have it does not.

Please let me know.


I keep my eye open and have to say I have never seem Pimms available to buy in Argentina. If memory serves me right i think Bangalore had some behnind the bar.



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I am pretty sure I saw it in Ezeiza - take a flight somewhere and get it in the airport.

why you would drink that stuff is another question - can't get drunk on it and it tastes like diluted Branca steeped in rotting fruit & vegetales - rank.

Stick to beer - you know it makes sense.


We have Pimms at Casa Bar. Only 1 bottle I'm afraid or I would sell you one. Had to have it brought in from Oz by a friend.