Pinball, sports games, and beer = )


Jun 25, 2009
Hey guys, I went to this bar in Palermo that I thought some of you may like. They have a nice outside patio area and a few stories with a few bars. They also have a pinball machine that you can play. The food is good, and they occasionally have a 35 peso all you can eat during the week. The bar is called Newbery, and it is on Ravignani 1710. They have a few TV's and play all the american sports as well. Enjoy!
Yes it's Newbery Bar some of you may have heard of it. I am one of the partners originally born in Russia but came to California through Italy and Ellis Island when I was 2. Raised in Los Angeles Ca and now reside in Manhattan Beach when I come back home to visit. I've been living in B.Aires for one and a half years now. Our bar has been open for 6 months. Great place, used to be a restaurant so we had to do some construction but it turned out beautiful. It is two levels with a third that we will be turning into a VIP area later this fall. As Kat mentioned 35 pesos is all you can eat along with a drink or soda. We can play any NBA or Soccer games on the plasma downstairs. We're open Monday - Wednesday 5pm - 1pm and Thurs - Sat 5pm - 6am It's a really fun bar especially after 1am on the weekends. And who ever organizes your meetings on Wednesday evenings please contact me and I will give you my cell # so we can discuss. Who ever is interested in Birthday Parties or Special Events please contact me as well through email. It's a great place for cumple's we have multiple parties every weekend before the AM. Salud!

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And not far from Ravignani there's Paloko on Cabildo av. at about the underpass. Good ol' Bowling and Beer. Anyone up to it?
Too bad you didn't post BEFORE super bowl. hint: If you have super bowl in English on a screen that is somewhat clear and the feed stays up, you will have a bar full of patrons.