Pinkeye - conjunctivitis!


Oct 22, 2009
I have Pinkeye aka conjunctivitis. After searching the forums and not finding any posts related. I was wondering, have anyone else experienced Pinkeye while being here in BA and if so, what antibiotic eye drops did you use (or name) ?

Suggestions and remedies are welcomed.
Pink eye sucks. The good news is you don't really need a doctor's help or prescription to cure it. Depending on the level of severity you can usually clear it up in a few days with repeated 'steam baths' for your eyes.

Here's what you do:

First, clean the junk out of your eyes and lids with a wet, warm washcloth - no soap.

Second, get a hand towel (can be the same one you use to clean your eyes, I'm all for reducing laundry) and soak it in very hot, but not boiling, water. Place it over your eyes then OPEN your eyes. The warmth/steam will give you instant relief and will also clear the infection up. Do this as many times as you feel like but a minimum of 3 times a day.

Also, if you have neosporin you can rub a little bit under and in the corner of your eyes near your tear duct, this will help it heal faster (similar ingredients in neosporin as the eye drops you would be prescribed).

Hope this helps!
Follow up: pink eye is insanely contagious. Make sure no one else touches that towel (or any part of you for that matter) and start fresh with a clean one yourself every morning or halfway through the day depending on how many times you use it (the really hot water will keep it pretty clean but as the infection clears up you'll want to stay away from anything that touched it when it was worse).
I woke up Tuesday am with the symtoms of Pink Eye and went to the eye doctor. They prescribe antibiotic eye drops... Manf by Poen, it is called: Quidex
Ciprofloxacina 0,3%
Dexametasona 0.1%

After 24 hours my eyes were back to normal, but the dr said to use the drops for 7 - 10 days 4 times a day.

You can probaly buy the drops at any pharmacy without a prescription since the phamarcies are pretty "flexible"...

Hope you feel better...
I had the same issue 2 years ago. Went to the ER at Swiss Med. Was given a script or advice, can't recall, to get a solution TOBREX. Active ingredient is Tobramicina .3%. Mine is made by Alcon lab, Ar. Still have it. It worked in 48 hours. Check with your local pharmacist, of course, before putting anything in your eyes.
thanks for the suggestions guys.. I went ahead, got another recommendation from farmacity and got some drops :)

mucho gracias por esto recomendamos! :)
Dont touch your hands to your face unless you wash them first. esp while on the subte.

.....the more you know!