plastic sugeons


Oct 26, 2006
I'm coming to Buenos Aires to live (and find an apartment) for four months and I want to find the most reputable plastic surgeon in BA. I've had no luck in my own research. I'm 64, single woman, traveling alone and need so much advise! I'm from Boise Idaho and I like the quiet life of gardens, pools and people. I've been around Central America, but this is my first trip to Argentina. Are there any expat ladies who know "who's who in cosmetic surgery?"
HiWell I think I was really blessed to have found a charity
that helped me so much and is run by good people. They do everything
for free and referred me to a great surgeon (me and my mom in fact) and
they have a website called The
founder is a guy called Philip, you can say Natalie Armstrong put you
in touch as he knows me very well, and basically helped me find a
genius of a surgeon to fix a surgery that had been badly done on my
first attempt. I am not sure if I can put the name of the surgeon here
as they work with doctors who are non commercial too and who dont
advertise on the internet) but if you go to their website you can find
out a lot of things and be put in the right direction. I had breast
augmentation and tummy tuck and my mom had full SMAS facelift, all
turned out better than we could have hoped. I always recommend them on
the internet as I think they are the unsung heroes of the industry
(especially in a place like Buenos Aires where there are many risks and
people are very keen to take our money and not so keen about being
thorough as far as our health and bodies are concerned in my experience)
Good luckNatty