Poll: 44% of Americans wants Bush back


orwellian said:
Don't be so sure about that. Obama just started.
GIMME A BREAK !!! Bush is a double Digit I.Q. IDIOT that started that "No Reason" war with IRAQ the same way I put a quarter in the Video Game at the Pizza Parlor - very little thought. Not only is he the worst President in US History (stolen elections twice I might add) but also should be on trial in the Hague for International War Crimes (since he's also a mass murderer - 100,000's of innocent Iraqis) but the man is so out of it (i.e., New Orleans floods, etc) that he wouldn't/couldn't connect the dots). He did a lot to destroy Texas and even more to destroy America. Go away Bush family, we hate you, you've sodomized America enough. Dudester


Bush will always be the worst president

He might have to dispute that title with Lyndon Johnson. Both lead to ruinous wars and castrophic economic situations.

They both came from Texas, but this shouldnt lead to any quick conclusion ;o)