Postgrad in Buenos Aires


Mar 3, 2009
Hello everyone, I was wondering if anybody has taken any classes here in Buenos Aires for a degree, but not through a foreign exchange program. I graduated from Indiana University and was considering either taking postgraduate classes here or taking a translation course. Does anybody have any experience or suggestions? Or do you know if it's a comlicated process with paperwork and such since I do not have more than a traveler's visa at this point?

I know this is not much help, but I, too, am strongly considering doing my postgrad here. What university are you looking at? I've been talking some with Universidad de Palermo and, more recently, Uni de Buenos Aires. It seems like it wouldn't be too terribly complicated, although I'm still sorting it all out.

Keep me posted on what you find out, I would also appreciate any info anyone else has!
Hi all,

Kwelly -- I think we may have exchanged messages a while back when you had questions about accrediation of programs in the US (which is hard to find here!).

If you have questions about the paperwork let me know.

I am a grad student at the Universidad de San Andrés and did the paperwork last year.

Hello all. I am also strongly considering doing a graduate program in BA. I am thinking of studying something within Latin American relations (IR essentially but with more of a Latin American focus). I know this is very broad but I am a recent college graduate in love with Latin America and constantly eager to learn more. If anyone has any advice about anything pertaining to the Argentina graduate educational system I would be so grateful. Write me an email at [email protected] or I would love to meet for a coffee or mate. Mil gracias!