Property purchase and making it an Airbnb


May 30, 2024
For expats who bought a property, is it easy to list it on Airbnb for passive income? Anyone with experience? Anyone used management companies to do that? normally they take how many percentage? any other information like licenses etc? Please comment if you have had experience :)
it changes frequently. you used to have to register as a landlord with afia. knew people that posted in the US and not register for tax purposes. its not as simple as you think unless you do it yourself. i caught a person renting my place when i was not there and charging me a management fee. be careful
There seems to be less demand and occupancy rates, lowering the net benefits margin. The pendulum is now swinging in the opposite direction due to possibly oversupply of units plus lower incoming tourist flow. Due to the spiraling of local prices and less favorable exchange rates. The Average occupancy rate from AirBnb is estimated at 70% or less.