Aug 4, 2005
Looking for an English speaking therapist in Cap Fed dealing with addiction (both food and alcohol), depression, and anxiety.

Any recommendations?

Psychiatrists might be better. Not sure.
You might try the Hospital Britanico: Perdriel 74, Cap., 4309 - 6400. Has both psychologists and psychiatrists on staff, and some of them speak English.

Nowadays there are many drugs to treat depression and anxiety.

Good luck.
SaraSara said:
Nowadays there are many drugs to treat depression and anxiety.

Yes in the U.S you take drugs for anything. I would say talking to a psychologist would be the best way to go. If you want an alternative treatment acupuncture works for anxiety and I think also for depression. I'd never take pills for it though. Good luck.
Sex is the best antidote for depression .It costs nothing andis very good for you . People today are more miserable than ever because they have been turned into slaves for the system.

Money does not buy you happiness
Hi Vanessa, I am a qualified clinical psychologist working in Buenos Aires. I have experience working with anxiety and addictions. Unfortunately our website is still all in Spanish as we use it mainly for our clients back in th UK. Do not hesitate to get in touch with me, and maybe we can have a word over the phone.
The hospital britanicco is rubbish, I have had some really bad experiences there, so I definitly do NOT recommend it.
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