Que cambios se vienen con Obama?


Oct 31, 2008
Can sbdy give me a clue? Some analists are saying it´s just more of the same under another speech. True, False?
Do you expect any change in, and if so in which direction
a) Foreign Politics (as I see it, never has it been so much degraded as during Mr. Bush terms´)
b) Tax issues (very sensitive issue for the american population as far as I could perceive in my three year stint in the USA). How will it affect the Medicare, Medicaid..xyx system? Would you dare state that he will enforce the kind of system Hillary tried to some years ago, public healthcare or at least for some sector of the population.

Thanks in advance,

P.S: La Nacion Online speaks about Obama and his fans at Grant Park, never heard of it, is that Chicago?
Grant Park is in Chicago. It is now becoming the "in" park, because Millenium park is near it. Being from Chicago..the city is going crazy today.
a) He will have a better image in Foreign policy, because the bar is so low. I think he will listen and analysis the situations more than bombing the heck out of people.
b) Tax issue will get messy. I think he might look back at history to see what works in an depression. It will be a wait and see.
a)Listen and analyze, what a great idea

b)Look back at what worked before, genius