question about rent


Mar 10, 2007
Alright, so I'm an expat, and am here in BsAs for a good while going forward. Currently living in San Telmo, but looking to move into my own place very soon. What is a fair, and average monthly rent for a place (no matter the size) that has A/C, cable tv, utilities included, and internet access? Just curious before I get totally ripped off.
This really depends on the size of the apartment, quality of apartment and neighborhood. I think you'll pay $500 dollars + for a good efficiency. Take a good look at apartments advertised through rental agencies.
Do you really need an apartment? A cheaper option is to get a furnished Pension, or boarding house situation. I had a nice one in Rosario. My own small room, private bath with shower and shared kitchen. 380 pesos a month (which is considered expensive). I've heard you can get a bed in a shared room for 150 pesos per month (privacy not included)
My place was pretty cool. I lived quite well there for 1000 pesos a month. Nightclub and girl expenses not included.
As I'm sure it's been mentioned in this forum before, it's difficult for an expat to get an apartment for the same price an Argentine would pay unless you have DNI book. They would pay 500 pesos a month; You'll pay 500 dollars (at least) for what you want in centro BsAs as a temporary rental.
Something else to mention is that there really are other areas of BsAs that are nice to live in and still within easy reach of the centro by subte or Bus.
The issue is not really the DNI. Renters must have guarantors - similar to co-signers only the guarantors have tremendous responsibilty. If the renter does not pay the guarantors must pay the rent plus court costs etc. Few foreigners can find guarantors unless they have close friends or employers who will sponsor them. Also leases are for 2 years, no less. I disagree that a 500 dollar rent would necessarily be 500 pesos for an Argentine with good guarantors. Rents in good areas have increased dramatically. As a result, the gap has narrowed. Yes, a foreigner will pay more but not always 3 x more. Also keep in mind if you are a local renter paying in pesos you usually pay all expenses: condo fee, gas, water, electricity and taxes. Not so with temporary rentals. Rosario may have better pensions. What I have seen here is not good - and not always so safe. I agree that you might find cheaper housing in areas farther from the center, Recoleta, Palermo etc. Even in these areas, however, owners will want guarantors. Sometimes, however, you can make a deal and pay the rent in advance for several months or a year without all the legal requirements.
There are some great pensiones in palermo Viejo that still do great deals . If anyone wants to take a walk down araoz from cordoba to santa fe they will find some great places at the price of 500 pesos a month
I will be in BA from mid-June and will be happy to pay 6 months rent in advance...what are the chances of finding a place (basically i just need space for myself....a little kitchen, bedroom....quite AC or internet required) in Palermo for say about 750 or 800 pesos?? I will be arriving mid-June and would like to rent for the 6 month period July-Dec with the possibility of more. I wont be in a position to get a guarantor to sign for me but would be happy to pay the rent in advance. Anyone any advice for me? Greatly appreciate....thank you.....
I would say that will be impossible to find a studiio on your own for that price in Palermo . I beleive that around 1300 pesos you might have better luck.
In 2003 I remember renting this most beautiful studio on calle juncal Retiro for the sum of 800 pesos a month and it was fantastic with a beautiful view .
Those days are long long gone .
Hey! Thanks for the quick response! A question though....would there be many opportunities to share an apartment in the Palermo region where you would have your own bedroom but share living area with one or two others for less than 1000 pesos a month? Where would these "Shared" accomodations being advertised? 1300 pesos (ie. over US$400) is probably a little above my budget so i would be prepared to share my living space with others to bring it down.
I really appreciate anyone who can help me on this....thank you.
This website is a great resouce for info about apartment rentals here in BA in general but it is not a place where you can find situations with roomates. Try these others. In the case of some of these links you need to register but it is free and it will be worth it. Inflation is definately having an impact here and if you are only willing to pay $250USD I think that you need to be a little more flexible in your search and willing to stay in other areas (like San Telmo, Amalgro, ..etc.).

First do a search for Craigs list in Argentina then
I agree that if you are on a tight budget you should look oustide the popular tourist areas of Palermo etc. Would you be willing to live in the province of Buenos Aires? As for ads for roommates, you might try placing an ad in the Buenos Aires Herald.