Re: BA to LONDON flights?

Cheapest flight to London is with Delta via the US. It cost around 1200USD, however the connection/stopover is of around 7 hours, also if she doesnt have a British passport she will need a visa for entry to the US which is another 100USD. I looked at all the options for this particular flight as I'm travelling to London with my wife and daughter in July, in the end I plumped for Air France, 1900USD as the trip via the US is just too long with a toddler.
"Granadaiscool" said:
I paid around 800 euro´s with BA or around 1100 dollars. Great service and you don´t need to go through moronic customs in the US
It's possible to spend so much time held up by US immigration and customs that one miss one's connecting flight. In fact, one of the adminstrators of this forum -- a US citizen -- was held up by US immigration for four hours when he landed at Atlanta. A Kakaesque situation.
I suspect flights to Spain are substantially cheaper than direct flights to England by BA. One possibility would be to fly to Spain, and then board a cheapo RyanAir or EasyJet flight to England.
Customs in the USA sucks, you must be a moron to fly via the USA
The base price of BA is 600 euro(and around 200 euro taxes) and it really does not get any cheaper then that. BA flights are also not on full capacity so tickets remain cheap
The cheapest BA do a return flight in august is 1420USD, their prices have come down from a month ago, but not as cheap as Granadaiscool says.