Re: Cablevision/Fibertel....rate reduction for users of their service(s)


That price is for new accounts, does nor regularly apply for current ones BUT is the argument you normally use to force their hand.
The practice of threatening to close the account or switching names of it for the same location is a practice as old as their internet/cable services: 25+ years, i'd say.

I've been a customer since they appeared in the market. Switched briefly to Directv in the early days but the service was horrible, no tv in clowdy or rainy days . The days where the TV serrvicevice is most welcomed.
Their explanation, back then, was they were using an old obsolete satellite and the LOS was poor.

I had DirectTV when I spent the summer months in San Pedro, Province of BA. It worked well compared to the crappy local company and I only paid for the 3 months I was there.


What else are you looking for?

And also, what Kodi add-on are you using?
I am set and not looking to add any other device. I don't have a clue about the KODI add-ons. Originally I downloaded the software online but couldn't make heads or tails how to install it. So on my last trip to SF my son gave me a USB flash drive with everything already installed and step-by-step instructions on how to navigate the program. Works like charm,,,and it's free! Prior to that I had compiled on my own an extensive list of free websites where I can also watch series/films produced in many countries and available with English and Spanish subtitles. I continue to use those websites from time to time.



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Their website says that the price of "Fibertel 50 Mega" plan is 1921 pesos. Does not look like it is a promotional price. (I am still paying 3105 for the same plan :))
It is a promotional price I think, it's the price they charge for newcomers for 6-12 months before the real price goes active. When you make some kind of complaint, they will usually you back down to this introductory price. It's not just Fibertel either, Telecentro, Movistar, Claro, all those kinds of companies do it. That's why it's worth putting in a call to your cable/internet and phone provider every so often with a complaint.


21 August 2020
The government froze Internet, telephone and cable TV rates until the end of the year and declared them essential public services
The measure was announced through a series of tweets by President Alberto Fernández and will be implemented through a DNU that will be published
....The government announced that it will freeze until December 31 the rates of cellular and fixed telephony, Internet access services and Pay TV, in addition to declaring them essential public services. "In this way we guarantee access to them for everyone," said the president.

The companies that provide these services will not be able to increase their prices to the user in the future without prior authorization from the State. "Given the restrictions that the pandemic imposes on us, no one should give up part of their income to face increases in the prices of these services," added Fernandez on her Twitter account.

"In this way we are recovering regulatory tools that the previous government took from the State. The right of users and consumers is a constitutionally recognized right. Henceforth, there can be no increase without the prior approval of the State, ”added the President....

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22 August 2020
"We found out on Twitter": surprise, alarm and investments in doubt in the telecommunications sector after the government decree
Repercussions in the industry after Alberto Fernández declared mobile telephony, Internet and cable television as public services. Criticisms of economists and the opposition, who compared the decision with the Venezuelan model....

“On Wednesday they assured us that the September increase was 'ok ', they asked us for a future horizon with the issue of prices, in which we were working, and two days later we found out on Twitter about this measure. It is unusual ”, they detailed off the record, with anger and concern, from one of the companies.

“This is extremely serious. The government promised to unfreeze prices in September and is not complying. All increases were discussed with them first, it was all consensual. This is a tremendous surprise, we do not understand why it happens now, in this way. We are a full competition sector. The problem is not access, it is that people do not have income to pay for services”, They highlighted in another of the affected companies. From the opposition, directly, they say that it is a restrictive measure and intervention “a la Venezuela”. Economists consulted by Infobae put the focus on the negative of the measure and that controlled prices are a "manotazo de ahogados" that never work....

"This is not a new chapter against Clarín, not at all," Gustavo López , vice president of Enacom, told CNN Radio today. "The Government will not set rates, but companies will have to justify their increases and the government will authorize or not"....



23 August 2020
Telecommunications companies analyze going to court for the decree

You could say that telecommunications companies spent their last hours in the middle of reading and studying. Since Friday, all of them have mobilized their legal teams to establish what the defense strategy will be. And according to what they said in a low voice, they all analyze judicializing the measure that made internet, cell phone and pay television services an essential public service.

The paths are various. On the one hand, the unconstitutionality of the decree. That route, recognized by one of the companies, could be an alternative. The point is that the decree of necessity and urgency has some legality problems, since in this manner it is legislated when Congress is not in ordinary sessions. During these hours, the Chambers of Deputies and Senators function. However, President Alberto Fernández, this being said by one of the companies, "used the pen when he should have appealed to Congress."....