Re: Slingbox - anyone have it?



"NJCaramelo" said:
My friend in the states just told me about this product. Basically if you connect this box to a TV cable box in the US, you can watch any channel from that cable service anywhere in the world through your PC. Of course you have to have internet connection where you are, but it seems like a great product if you miss shows from your country.
On it got good reviews...if you have a friend/family with an extra cable box in their house, it might be worth considering. If somebody has/is using it, I would like your feedback. Gracias!

There are plenty of options with watching TV over the internet for example

I havent been for a while and was wondering if you are now new manager with all the posts you have it must be you
I used to go watch hockey games at the Alamo bar where they use the slingbox. Seemed to work okay but the quality is degraded and signal loss is common. Impressive though.
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