Recoleta vs Palermo.


Dec 28, 2006
I will be arriving in Bs As. in October and staying about 4 to 6 months. I would like to get some input from you experienced expats or Porteño. I would like your opinion (Pros and Cons) on the two barrios, Ricoleta and Palermo. Proximity to transportation, quietness, if that is realistic. I'm a healthy 65 yr old man so I don't think I'll be a party animal.
Saludos, DQ
The key to getting a quiet apartmemt is to take ONLY an apartment that is
"contrafrente" - in the back. The best have a wide expanse to the next building. BA Streets are extremely noisy so KEEP AWAY FROM APARTMENTS THAT ARE ON THE STREET! Recoleta has more of a European sphisticated feel and is adjacent to the business center; Palermo has a lot of night life, some nice tree lined streets and loads of restaurants.
Fully agree with Sergio about Contrafrente apartments. Personally I prefer Palermo for a variety of reasons .
It has quiet tree lined streets, the best restaurants, and is close to the lungs of Buenos Aires ie. the bosques of Palermo as well as the Botanic and Japanese Gardens,
I would suggest renting around Plaza Guemes or around Plaza Palermo Viejo as these are great spots for people watching and cafe society.
First of all, both Recoleta and Palermo are big barrios. Palermo is actually huge. To try to describe either in terms of quiet or noisy is ridiculous. Each barrio has very quiet places (e.g., the island in Recoleta), as well as very noisy places (e.g. the corner of Juncal and Arenales in Recoleta).Contrafrente apartments are a good idea, but not always as quiet as you might expect. There are lots of other sources on noise in the city besides vehicles, and the wrong contrafrente apartment can expose you noise that is every big as bothersome as vehicles.Bottom line is, don't try to pick your barrio, building, or room from wherever you are. You need to get here and wear out some shoe leather looking at various places in various neighborhoods.Personally, if I were coming down and knew what I know now, I wouldn't consider staying in either Recoleta or Palermo, but hey, it's your life.
Contrafrente apartments are almost always more quiet than those on the street. Of course you have to use good judgment. If the back of the building faces a garden it is much more likely to be quiet than on the street! If there is a wide expanse to the next street it is going to be quiet. We are speaking of traffic noise. Neighbors can be noisy but that is the case anywhere in the world. Choice of neighborhoods is a personal matter. Recoleta, at least the better areas, has a distinct European look with a very good infrastructure and lots of amenities. Palermo is more youthful with lots of nightlife and more hip boutiques. There are other neighborhoods with their qualities - Puerto Madero is clean with everything "recycled". Other neighborhoods have their own qualities. Depends on the individual's needs.