Recommendations Estancias near BA


Nov 14, 2006
Does anyone have any recommendations for estancias relatively (few hours) near BA? Im looking for a "typical" argentine getaway in terms of asthetics but do not need/cant afford the places like Santa Rita etc.
Nashorama, are you sure about the price of Las Talas? I believe that was one that I cxhecked into this year and I thought it was much more expensive. $135 pesos per person per night based on a required double occupancy? It looked to me like an important estancia. You are right that you can get there by train (Dolores?) and taxi/remise. La Bamba in San Antonio is very nice (scene of a couple of Argentine films) if in need of a coat of paint. I think it's its pricey, though - $300 dollars a night? Someone I know just came back from La Candalaria with a mixed report. Seems somewhat commercial. The prices seemed quite reasonable however.
Thanks so much for the thoughts. Las Talas does indeed look appealling. If I do decide to splurge with the $300 a night route, does anyone have any feedback on Santa Rita? Its in the hotel coffee table book that I drool over and looks fantastic but I could imagine it being too Disneylandesque to borrow Nashorama's phrase.
Nashorama, you seem to think that good maintenance equals "Disneyfying". Why is that? There are thousands of historic homes in Britain and the US (Boston, Philadelphia, Charleston, SC etc) that have been historically restored/preserved in anything but a Disney style. I merely meant to say that La Bamba could pay a little more attention to simple upkeep. I looked on the website you mentioned. Los Talas doesn't look like the estancia I was referring to. I have to do some research.
Try this website.... del Señor is 80 km from BA. Listed are a few estancias which you can contact for current prices...."Otro complejo de ese tipo es Don Silvano, donde el día de campo también se abona $60
y quedarse una noche con pensión completa, desde $135 por persona
(teléfono 4582-1832). Más opciones: La Mimosa (4803-6356), El Cencerro
(4743-2319), Haras Cañada de la Cruz (4804-2403) y Martín Fierro