Recommendations for a gym in Palermo


Jul 21, 2008
Does anyone have recommendations for a gym in Palermo. I went today to try out megatlon in Palermo Alto and while their facilities were pretty nice, it was very crowded and well their prices are ridiculous.
ok. you want to steer clear of the tourist trap, glitzy gyms like megatlon. i have trained in gyms over the years since i was 22, and when i was in argentina living for 6 months, i was training the most of my life, doing 2 classes a day. i can thoroughly recommend magic center club, which is in last canitas, not too far from palermo, Dorrego 2880, between luis maria campos and huergo. it's an indpendent gym, and although situated in a 'trendy' area, it's probably still significantly cheaper than megatlon, and has loads of classes of all types, from yoga and pilates to kickboxing and weightraining throughout the day. i joined megatlon last time i was there, and the monthly membership price was astranomical, and the classes i felt were mediocre at best, plus, because it's expensive, the clientelle tend to be nuveau riche and ultra body conscious. i just didn't feel comfortable training there to be honest, and i was at the belgrano branch.
check out magic, you might like it. they have a mini pool upstairs, great for a cool down dip. and they are a tennis club, so plenty of opportunities to hone those skills, if you want to add that to your membership as well.

good luck.
The price I got from them is 260 pesos per month which would be reduced to 220 pesos per month for joining for a year. Although, someone told me that they have a promotion for joining a particular branch for 78 pesos per month but I have not verified.
We checked out three gyms today looking for a 6 month membership. Here are their quoted prices:
Narziso (2 locations, pool at one):
1 month: AR $120/month (AR $20 membership card)
3 months: AR $100/month (AR $20 membership card)
6 months: AR $95/month (no card fee)
12 months: AR $90/month (no card fee)
Personal Trainer: AR $300 for 1 month - 8 sessions (AR $37.50/session)
Megatlon (15 locations, high end):
6 months: AR $238/month (AR $120 for USB key tag)
Personal Trainer: AR $70 per session
Always Club (1 location):
1 month: AR $100/month
6 months: AR $500 (cash price for all 6 months)
Personal Trainer: AR $300 for 1 month - 8 sessions (AR $37.50/session)
We ended up going with Always Club based on location, cost and amenities. Megatlon was really nice, but a bit farther, much more expensive, and seemed like much more of a scene.
I just joined the Always Gimnasio, and it seems they have just raised
their prices, at least for month-to-month membership: 1st month is now AR
$140; subsequent months are AR$120.