remis company from capital to ezeiza?

You can actually hire a flete to the airport for less than a taxi. Around 60-65 pesos.
Just a follow-up: We ended up getting a combi using this service:

Cost was AR$180 to get us and *all* of our stuff to EZE from Santa Fe and Callao. Price was quoted beforehand. Matias was right on time to pick us up. The trip took just under an hour, but that was because we left at 5:30pm and had to battle traffic.

He contacted us at least three different times by email leading up to our trip, including the day before, to confirm various details.

I always take the tienda leon bus to and from airport. They will pick you up from your accommodation in their van or drop you off at your accommodation when coming from airport if you are staying downtown. It hasnt so far cost me extra for drop off.
Was AR$45 in march, but probably has gone up since then as was AR$25 when i first came here in 2007, then in oct 2008 was AR$32.