Renters won't leave!


My two cents: If you got your deposit back, forget about this apartment, eviction is a very lengthy process here ( can take years ) and there are literally thousands of available rentals all over the city: tomorrow is your day, buy Clarin and Nacion and go get yourselves a new home :)


is there someone erasing my posts just because I offered here a rented room?
So, what I told you before, is people are wrong when they say laws in Argentina favour squatters over owners; you just need to be awake before put someone into your house; there´s plenty of different kinds of contracts who prevents those situation;
anyway when the deal doesn´t success because of the owner, you´ll get your deposit back ALWAYS plus sometimes an extra if it is prevent in a contract-
anyways; my name´s Leo: I have an extra room that I offer monthly, weekly or daily.
here´s the link.

good luck!


The real estate agent's story has been slowly changing, saying that the people (Argentine, supposedly, renting a place in dollars?!?!) came here for an operation, and the father is too sick to move. I have no idea why they would rent a place for only one month if they knew the treatment would be taking longer than one month. I think the agent screwed up somewhere along the way, and we got left out in the cold. He did tell us we'll get our reserva back, but we have yet to arrange a meeting.

Yes, I did see the apt before signing the reserva. There wasn't anyone there at the time, but they moved in for November, and I'm guessing, since they wanted it for longer, he told them it was fine... less work for him having people moving in and out. LAME.

AND apparently they ARE paying, but have threatened not to if the agent and owner keep pressuring them to move out. The whole thing's a little fishy, though... I just don't believe it all. Maybe it's some variation of the truth, but the bottom line is we're just getting screwed. And it looks like we're all just gonna end up splitting up, so if anyone knows of a loft or one bedroom, please let me know! :) Thanks!


I imagine if they are paying a short term rental in US$ they probably live in the US and don't have very good insurance so they are here. It's possible. I know it puts you in a bad position. But best to chalk it up to bad luck/timing, get your reserva & find a new place. There are a lot of them. Is this an agent you are working with? Don't they have another place for you? You could use this mess up to get a sympathy/hassle discount. :D


I think it's very likely that the reason facts seem to be changing from the real estate agent is that he or she is probably getting at the actual truth slowly, because often that's the way things can happen here.

The fact that the tenant is refusing to move is the exact reason that 2-year contracts here almost all require a property guarantee to back up the rental agreement, because it's not easy to get someone out of an apartment to begin with, and if you have some health reasons (or others), it's almost impossible.

It's easier to do so with a temporary apartment, at least with a foreigner, but I don't know enough about the law here on temporary apartments to know that if an Argentine inhabits a temporary apartment whether or not the same deal with long term leases apply.

However, the owner is faced with a situation to either allow someone who is still paying the rent to continue to occupy the apartment even if the contract is passed, or fight a civil action to get the person thrown out so he can bring someone else in. I can understand why he would choose the former.

I know 4 different people who manage temporary rental apartments, three of them ex-pats. Two of them have their own policies that they will not rent temporary apartments to Argentines. The other two leave it up to the owner of the apartments, and most of them do not allow the apartments to be rented to Argentines.

I sympathize with you on this - it must be a really crappy thing to be going through. I hope you guys can work something out with another apartment, or find something that you yourself can move into.