Jun 6, 2006
After living in Argentina on and off for the past 5 years, I am ready to make it my home. However, as far as I can tell, getting residency, and therefore the DNI, is near-impossible as I do not fall into any of the rentista, contracted employee, Argentine family categories. Has anyone been in a similar position and knows of any alternative? I heard that there was an amnesty for foreigners in 2004 (which I missed) where they could "legalizarse" without falling into any of the above categories. Any advice (except for get married!) would be very much appreciated.
Hi Ashley:I am trying to get residency for my bf who is American. We do not want to marry yet since we want a big party. We were planning on having a baby as Chinese people do here but I can not get pregnant ,As Argentinian I could tell you that the best thing is to get a contact in migrations and do the thing. That is how things work in Argentina. It is also difficult for us because of the things you mention and there is no other way of getting residency.