restaurant recomendations


Jun 20, 2006
Just liike to get some feedback from other members here on what they consider the best restaurants in Buenos Aires . These are some of mine
La Cabrera Cabrera 5099 palermo viejo has to be the best steakhouse in argentina I have been going their for 1 years now and it seems to have just got better . The ojo de bife is a garguantan 600 gram most succulent steak I have had more than enough for 2 and still priced under 30 pesos and when you consider all those side dishes that it comes with its a tremendous bargain.
Other restaurants I love is Sarkis Thames and Cordoba for me its the most consistent arab restaurant in Buenos Aires the food is very fresh and always served with flair The eggplant dishes and side dips especially the home made hummus are enough to make anyone a lover of middle eastern food.
On mondays night the belly dancing is highly recommended.
Thymus Lerma 525 what can I say about this place it is simply incredible in all details food ambience and price my favourite dish is always magret de pato con emulsion de remolachas y batatas asadas viene con hojas de kale y acadera This is a special place for a romantic occasion.
HI Pericles,,One restaurant that I love that is in Palermo Hollywood is La Remanza. The ambiance is white with lots of candles and old hardwood floors and the food is out of this world. They have sushi as well as beef, chicken and fish entrees. Enjoy!! Joyce
Thank you for the recommendations. I've enjoyed the ambience and food at el ultimo beso in Palermo. As a newcomer to BA I've only begun my search for good dining.
Thank you all for your recommendations. I ´ll make sure to include them in our business Directory. By the way, we would greatly appreciate your reviews on them.
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