Ricolea vs palermo.


I will be arriving in BA in October. I am presently looking for an apartment. My main concern is quiet and safety, I am concidering palermo or Ricoleta. I am not a party animal so proximity to night spots and resturants an not a high priority. Which Barrio would best suit me. Pro and cons.


There is no barrio called Ricolea. It is called Recoleta. For me Palermo has a much more relaxed vibe


Your question is really kind of meaningless. Both barrios are large, and Palermo is actually quite huge. (According to Wikipedia, Palermo is about 17 square kilometers and has a population of over 250,000. That's bigger than many U.S. and Eurpopean towns and small cities.) Each barrio has quiet streets and noisy streets. Each barrio has safety issues, depending on the circumstances. It's really much more complex than your question implies. And besides, for enough money, you can buy quiet and safety pretty much anywhere.