Robberies on street

I feel like security/safety has improved, or maybe it’s my perception, and again, maybe as someone mentioned, it’s becsuse the news covers it less, OR maybe me and my friends/circle have just been lucky! (knock on wood) but actually, the security minister, Patricia Bullrich, was on the Mirtha show the other night singing her praises about how security has improved drastically since she took the role, with the murder rate now being the lowest only after Chile, among other security improvements, according to her.
Living in Monserrat I see police everywhere at all times of the day. I generally feel safe though it's still BA so I'm not walking down small dark streets at night.


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uhm i don't know, i kind of feel safer and i havent hear of no one on my circle that has suffer any robbery in quite a long long time, but of course that is only my situation, an crime tend to move from area to area, the more they control an area the more the thief move to another area to rob to avoid police.
is tear gas legal in argentina? colombia has its problems. went to bass pro shops and bought bear repellant for my girl friend her daughter. in 2 years they have not used it, but feel safer.
Cash grabbed from a woman yesterday Steps away from Alto Palermo shopping,after she visited a casa cambio and withdrew $6k ,when will people learn?
This shows you how brazen the criminals are here . To be robbed in plain daylight in a restaurant full of people and with a gun would never happen in a million years in Australia or Canada . Buenos Aires can give people such a false sense of security as it looks european and has nice restaurants and coffee shops but always remember that there are over one million people living in precarious slums in the Capital and surrounding areas whose lives are very tough .

I remember many years ago I had a german friend from Romania visiting Buenos Aires and he came with us$ 10,000 apparentely . When he went to check in to his hotel room the cleaner was there so he decided to go next door with his friend and have a coffee at havana . He had apparentely all this money in his backpack and he slung this over his seat . While he was having his coffee someone stole his mochilla and noone saw anything it was so fast . What was very suspicious was that the cameras were not working inside and there was never any clear indication who the robber was . Suffice to say he hated Argentina after this incident and vowed to never return . Now this was a man who was very street savvy living in Bucharest Romania known for their gypsy gangs but he said that Buenos Aires was worse .
Cash grabbed from a woman yesterday Steps away from Alto Palermo shopping,after she visited a casa cambio and withdrew $6k ,when will people learn?
The Clarin article failed to mention one detail. While the violent robbery was taking place inside the pizzeria (which has huge glass windows) there was a Metro police officer standing outside only 3 meters away. He was unaware of what was happening inside until the robbers sped away on the bike.

Last Friday a similar incident happened at a very busy commercial street in Caballito just meters from El Mercado del Progreso. No Metro police officers were at that corner of the mercado as it is normally closed at that time. In this case 4 motochorros in 2 bikes accosted the victim when he was about to open the door to his car. He fought back and they drove off empty handed but not before only the car suffered severe damage.

Every day, except Sunday, I see Metro police teams of 2 posted throughout commercial areas of Caballito where I live. In my opinion, they are USELESS!