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Hola, my name is Camille (or Camila) and I am a writer who's written about Argentina (see my Web site: I am working on a story about romantic spots in BsAs. I've been asked about best places to propose marriage. I've met a number of couples here on their honeymoons. I would love to hear from people about their idea of romantic spots in the city. I've come up with a number of them---based on whether one is old-fashioned, New Age, Goth, intellectual, Francophile, Italophile, mystic, aristocratic, bohemian, etc. I would love to hear from others. I promise to credit you, if I use your suggestions ---- unless you don't want me to. My personal email, if you prefer, is


This depends on the individuals and their style. The restaurant of the Alvear Palace (LA BOURGOGNE) would certainly be one. I don't think you'd want a place with a lot of noise, so this would be a calm and elegant setting.


I'm a big fan of plaza san martin at night and the walk along puerto madero at night is really nice too. I find the city is at it's best at night.


Camila said:
Hola, my name is Camille (or Camila) and I am a writer who's written about Argentina .
I'd just like to say that I loved your piece about Bares Notables which I first read in the Guardian earlier this year. I particularly appreciated the way you travelled beyond the usual few barrios that seem to hem in a lot of other writers and I think I said as much on your blog.

Anyway: I think that romantic spots are what you make them. The romance for this particular Anglo/Argentine couple started years ago in nothing more exotic than a Havanna Coffee Shop in Villa del Parque. Every time we walk past we look through the window and if our favourite table is free (or sometimes, even if it isn't) we go inside and order cafecitos. Even the very ordinary can be very special sometimes.


Go to the northern suburb at San Isidro, behind the cathedral there is a small quiet street which ends up in a cul-de-sac/gazebo.It looks on to the Rio de la Plata. That is the place at sunset....