Room in a shared house for $350?


Jun 26, 2009
Can anyone recommend a strategy for finding my friend a wonderful furnished room, (with wifi, with en-suite, in Palermo/Belgrano/Retiro) for long term rental (ie six months plus) from, or with, kind gentle hosts, for max $350 USD per month?
My friend has been renting an apartment in Palermo for a year but is finding it too much of a squeeze on her finances, as her landlord has jacked up the price from 1200 to nearly 1700 Pesos per month. She is a biology teacher from Colombia who came to Bs As (via teaching High School in the USA) to study Psychology and is teaching English pretty much full time. If anyone reading this is interested in a tenant, you wouldn't find anyone nicer or more responsible than Lina. She teaches in Pilar and in Quilmes, so would be only home evenings needing somewhere to check her email, prepare her classes, shower and sleep. Any advice very much appreciated, cheers.
Hi Neil, we tried to call you on the number you provided, and it was unavailable. Lina is very keen to talk to you. Can you pm me at [email protected], and I will give you my phone number? cheers, Lallie