Sales job available


Feb 12, 2008
Company in Buenos Aires with a clientele base in the U.S. is looking for motivated employees that speak perfect English and that will be in Buenos Aires for more then 3 months (preferably 6 on up). Salary depends on the position you are hired for and most involve calling and signing up clients. If you want more details and are interested send an email to [email protected] with your cv. Our office is located near the Plaza de Mayo so it is fairly easy to travel to and we are a small but growing company, so it is a nice atmosphere to work in.
These ads never give the rates of pay. Can we please have them? Im sure that this is important
Fishface thats a f.......n joke. I am not suprised that many here are resentful as the rates of pay offered by Rich Multinational companies is beyond laughable
Argentina is at best half as expensive as USA and they are offering rates of pay up to 7 times lower.
If you pay Peanuts Guys you Will get Monkeyssssssssssssssssssss
"Fishface" said:
drucifer - I have no clue why you should say this.
and giving you the benefit of my experience - now isn't that positive?
are you aware of how many people get ripped off by not getting paid? or getting less than what was agreed??

That is very common when you don´t have a work permit or work " en negro " if any of these jobs being posted are " en blanco " and you have a permit to work, you shouldn´t be worried ;)nik
in some threads ramon says that argentina is as expensive as the u.s., now he is saying half as expenive at best. did all the prices suddenly go down?
I think, antupata, that he wrote above that Argentina is "at best" half as expensive as the United States: a relative statement which indicates that the cost of living in Argentina is no less than half that in the United States but could be more.