Second hand bicycles


Jul 6, 2022

Anyone know a good place to buy a second hand bicycle? I tried a few places but most of them only offer new ones.
So far I only found andino bikes in Palermo which sells second hands but the prices are unreasonable high.
What type of bike are you looking for? Mens or womens?
Thanks for the replies!
My preference goes for a mountain bike for men, but otherwise I really don't care to find any other bike men's or woman. As long as it is light and in a good condition
I really don't know if you would find something in a store. The culture doesn't really ever let anything go even broken or damaged stuff is repaired and continued to be used. If things are sold they're sold to family or friends so the opportunity for a used bike store doesn't really exist. Your best bet would be to find someone moving away that can't take the bike with them.
when you say unreasonably high, how much are they asking for? bike prices are inflated globally due to supply chain issues and they're a hot commodity - one of the fastest ways to making a bit of scratch here for people with little resources is a bike and a rappi bag.

i'm selling two bikes right now that are great for getting around the city - if you DM me i'd be happy to send you pictures.