Share your stories!!!


A) A multicultural collage around the globe, people telling their stories for others to learn about each other. Would you like to share yours?

We are calling volunteers, this is not a remunerated job.

*HOW : Send the title of the story and the plot in four lines. Send at least 4 stories. Spanish is ok too. The final format of the project is VIDEO.

*WHAT : Travel, love, luck, disgrace, accidents, coincidences, politics, religion, sex, traditions, fun, or any kind of story which is worth telling and sharing with the world. There is no restriction about subject matters.

*We will call you for the video shooting within the week. Each story must last 1 to 3 minutes.

B) Would you like to take part of this project as a producer, recruiting people to be interviewed?

Please send me a resume and your personal details so as to be able to contact you.