Shipping back to the US


Jul 9, 2007
Hey there, we are wondering how to ship larger objects or a lot of stuff back to the US. We have bought some furniture and have made a lot of artwork here; we don't know the best way to get it home (Chicago). Has anybody done this? Companies? Advice? Cost? Time frame?
Blake and Lindy
Go the the "Expat Life" forum on this site, and scroll down to "Container back to USA."
Note that articles with or of wood, requires fumigation certificate. It is the shippers responsibility to inquire and file this document with customs (US). Also the declared value is the COMMERCIAL VALUE of the item, not what you think it will cost but how much is the going price for such an item should it be available in the market - your furnitures. RE: Art if they are personal art - declare as such but if the art is bought in Argentina, it might behoove you to check the requirements of the US in allowing it to enter the US. Customs have been know to be a stickler in the ARTS department since the proliferation of stolen art pieces and fakes out there.
Good luck. As long as you have nothing to hide there should be no problem. Be prepared to pay some amount of fees in duties, taxes and tariffs.
This link might be helpful: He gives a brief description of the export process.
You will need a customs broker (aka despanchante aduana) to ship your stuff. There are many in Buenos Aires. Shop a bit for the best price.
Regarding art. Any drawings or paintings require papers from the Secretary of Culture to be taken or shipped out of Argentina, even if they are your own creation.
This site includes all of the information in English and details the requirements for works of art: