Shipping from overseas?


Another option that I have used is an address at a UPS store, which are franchised all across the U.S. You get a U.S. street address, and they provide the same services, including email notifications of packages received, package and mail forwarding, etc.


Actually it's illigal to bring a lot of stuff into Argentina, and the only reason you manage to do it is just because the guys at customs aren't very effective. Among other things, tabacco and coffee products (even ridiculously small amounts), all sorts of fresh food (I tried to cross the chilean-argentinian border once with babanas, but they got confiscated...) etc. I remember finding a loooong list of all of this at the Aduanas Argentinas web page after my ordeal with the package, but it's to late now for me to be bothered with finding it :)


Hi! I does anyone use USABox? I found this post from 2010, but have not been able to contact the OP via private message to see if it still works for him.

Do you guys know of any other mail forwarding + street address service that you can recommend?



Everyone has had a different experience with shipping. Packages that never arrive...packages who are help "hostage" at customs. Just to give more details on what we do. This might only apply to those American Expats perhaps, but we use a mail forwarding service in Miami. We can order items and have them sent there (to Miami), have magazine subscriptions, order books, eye glasses, etc. The reason that we use them is that it gives us a virtual address in the USA (I also have all of my credit and banking statements sent that address). Since these people are experts in shipping your mail to any country in the world they can fill out any paperwork that might be needed for the items as well..that can save you when shipping your packages to Argentina.

We have them ship via Fed/Ex. I can watch the package travel online via the Fed/Ex website until it is delivered right to my door. I even know the exact day it will be delivered since that is stated on the Fed/Ex site.

Better still, if there is a duty (as in the case when we order a cd, dvd, eyeware, etc). The delivery man will collect that fee AT YOUR APARTMENT so there is NO NEED to go to the airport and deal with all that bullshit.

The name of the service is and I have personally used them for years to get all of my mail in Brazil and now in Argentina.


I use it and so do a lot of my expat friends and acquaintances. Works beautifully, although you still don't want to send down things that can get held up in customs. Items are sent via DHL, and they will even repack whatever is in your shipment, but they have no control over whether customs here holds up the shipment and if they do, you have to go out to Ezeiza and spend a fortune (in both money and time) just to get the cheapest thing out of customs. Great for papers and even bank cards (I've sent my new debit and credit cards through there and they've never gotten held up) but the last time I tried to send a book I'd bought through with my monthly shipment it was held up in customs, event though as I understand it books for personal use are supposed to be duty-free...